Who is she?

My name is Mia and communicating is everything.



I am a recent Mass Communication graduate from Fresno State. I work as a media buyer for JP Marketing, an award-winning advertising agency, where I move brands. I also write company blog posts and manage some of our social media.

I am a blogger, planner, effective communicator, and advertising professional.

Working in the advertising industry means having a tough skin and a resilient attitude. I love a challenge and have learned from some of the best in the Fresno market.

My sales experience working at Fresno State’s newspaper, The Collegian, has taught me that the real-world is harsh. People will not like you. You will get hung up on. You will get more no’s than yes’s. But with every no I heard, the yes’s made it all the more worthwhile.

Fresno State was a place I called my second home, not because I spent the majority of my time there, but because of the professors that mentored me and the friends made. During my senior year, I joined a committee that organized a 3-day festival held on campus called Vintage Days.  Close to 75,000 people came that weekend, how cool is that?! I worked with a team of 13 other students to develop this awesome event over the course of one year. Some of them became my best friends.

I manage my own personal blog updated once a week.* Writing has been apart of my life ever since I wrote short story books as a kiddo.

Something magical happens when you complete a piece of work you believe in with your whole being that no one else could have come up with it.

I currently live in Fresyesno, California with my blind pug, ferocious chihuahua, and wild jack russell. I enjoy visiting new restaurants while pretending I’m Anthony Bourdain because life is too short to eat the same thing. To work off the pounds, I like to do anything that makes me sweat. I also like to pick up new songs when I have time to play piano.

Let me know about you. Drop me a line below.

*By once a week, I mean twice a month.

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