A Simple Way to Show Gratitude

I can’t remember the last time I received a thank you note in the mail. Wait, the mail? As in an envelope, postage stamp, handwriting? People still do that?

No. They don’t. Handwritten letters are a dying art that shouldn’t be. It’s all too easy to sit in front of a computer or phone and hammer out a quick message than to use pencil and paper. It’s the sign of the times.

My mom made me write thank you notes to my family and friends for everything – from birthday gifts to kind gestures. I hated doing it as a kid, but I knew it was wrong if I ignored doing it. These people went out of their way to think of me, so I had to say thanks in one form or another.

This was before the Internet or cell phones made it easy to shoot an email or text to your friend for the lotion and necklace she gave you for your birthday. And even better, before you could post on Instagram or send out a Facebook post thanking everyone “for the birthday wishes.” Sorry, but that’s a lame excuse.

When I receive a thank you note, I know that person took the time to sit down, think of something cute to write, lick the envelope, and write my name on the front. I don’t expect to receive anything in return, but a heartfelt thank you will suffice.

I’ve come to the realization that no one sends anything via snail mail these days. That’s okay. I’m an email freak, a texting fanatic, and Snapchat addict. It’s convenient and efficient for this generation.

But how often does a message get lost in the thousands of emails you receive each day? Can you remember the last text you received? And Snapchat, forget about it (it’s gone in 10 seconds anyways.)

That’s the thing. These constant digital messages that bombard our lives on a daily basis get lost in the shuffle. Most of them aren’t personable and go forgotten. Onto the next exciting thing.

Thank you notes – those can sit on your desk in your office. They can get thrown in your purse. They have a long lasting shelf life. People remember receiving a thank you note because it was personally created for them.

One simple act of kindness can go a long way. Sometimes we lose sight of the little things that matter, like a thank you note. One piece of paper can leave a lasting impression that will beat any Instagram thank you post.

Check out these cute thank you cards you can send to your loved ones.



2 thoughts on “A Simple Way to Show Gratitude

  1. I agree to the fact that handwritten articles have become more dear to us now that they are more rare to find and to receive. Everyone is running after time and sending a quick text is the easiest way.
    I enjoyed reading your point of view on the matter, Mia 🙂

    P.s. those thank you cards are adorable!

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