The Origins of “HoneyyMia”

It all started back in 2009. The grass was slightly greener because California was not in a drought, the economy was suffering, and Michelle Obama’s toned arms were envied by many women (and some men).

What you may not have known was that was the year I was christened with the title “Honeyy Mia” via social networks. I was in high school at that time when Twitter was becoming the next big thing. My two best friends were brainstorming new Twitter handles and decided on mine being “@HoneyyMia”. My friend first came up with “@MolassesMia” but it just didn’t have that ring to it. Long story short, I have had “@HoneyyMia” as my Twitter handle ever since (sadly, “@HoneyMia” was already taken).

My friends and peers around campus loved the name and slowly began to call me “Honey Mia” in real life. It was a bit strange at first, but then I started to realize that I was leaving a positive impression upon them.

My presence on social media transcended into my real world. I was not trying to be a different person or portray a persona online. I used positivity as a vehicle to uplift my friends and acquaintances during our transitional teenage years. I believe my followers noticed this and appreciated me “being real.” It was difficult not to fall into the trap of using social media for venting problems at a time when my peers were notorious for doing so.

I have made many friendships through social media by commenting on posts and following those like-minded. It’s proved to be a great avenue to genuinely connect one-on-one with others that have evolved into real-life friendships. It’s been a great tool for keeping in touch with my old friends, making new ones, and participating on a global level.

The moral of my story is to portray yourself online as you would in real life. You will make many more connections that will turn into relationships. Do not use it as an escape route for venting your problems to the world. Journals and diaries were created for a reason.

Lastly, connect with your followers and express your opinions without offending others. I know this may be difficult to do dealing with politics, sports, and religion, but it’s essential to showcase yourself as open-minded and neutral. However, I am guilty of the occasional anti-Dodger tweet from time to time. But everyone has their flaws!

I hope this blog comes in handy for professional and social networking for young adults and students. Social media has become a big part of our lives and it is important to portray yourself in the light you choose.

Check out my Twitter ( and feel free to send me some positivity.

Until next time,


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