The Beginning of the Beginning

Hello world,

Seeing as this is my first blog entry, I found it important to introduce myself to all my followers who would like to know who is behind the black matte keyboard.

I have grown up all my life living in the Central Valley in California surrounded by bountiful agriculture and smelly cows. I was raised in the country by both my parents and tormented my younger sister. She has forgiven me now. When I’m not busy working at a catering venue, I enjoy reading, doing anything outdoors, and playing with my dogs.

I have recently gotten into hiking after I hiked Yosemite’s Vernal Falls. In march I hiked Upper Yosemite Falls. The 7 1/2 mile hike was worth it once you reached the top to see the waterfall!

I decided to stay close to home by continuing my college education at Fresno State University. My interest in writing and graphic design sprouted when I created a recipe book for my elementary school’s Young Author’s Fair. I also created my 8th grade promotion invitation via Window’s 98 Paint program (take that Photoshop!).

My Uncle’s career in television production inspired me to major in Mass Communication and Journalism. I felt advertising was the most creative route to express my writing ability and by working in collaboration with a company. I have learned many marketing tips and had so much fun completing advertising campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana and Coca-Cola Zero in my classes.


This past school year, I was partnered with a mentor at one of Fresno’s most popular radio station Q 97.1. I gained a lot of insight on the radio business, marketing yourself, and got to meet one of their coolest DJ’s Greg!

My goal for this blog is to inspire you to spark dialogue with others from these topics by creating a chain reaction of progress towards a more positive future. This will be an outlet for me to express my opinions on social and personal matters, which could range from intense topics such as female genital mutilation to my love for health and fitness. No topic is out ruled and everything is fair game. I will also be incorporating my journey towards graduation and the endeavors along the way.

Feedback and comments are highly encouraged, so don’t feel shy about expressing how you feel, whether you agree or disagree. I am open-minded! Also, I would love to hear if you have any topic suggestions for future blog entries.

The comment area would be a great way to leave your opinions and feedback, however you may contact me via:




I look forward to hearing from all of you! Let’s stay connected.

Mia Villarreal


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